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Are you looking to up your game? Are you ready to take your performance to the next level?

Mental blocks, “jitters”, and stage-fright happen to even the best athletes. The Inspired Performance Institute’s Athletic Program takes an innovative approach to resolving these common sport issues. Even if you are already performing well and just want to gain the competitive edge because you know you can perform even better, the Athletic Program can help get you there.

Its all about getting your mind cleared and updated, so you have all of your energy available to perform at your best. Our minds have developed “glitches” or “error messages” that redirect our energy away from fully focusing on the moment and what’s happening now, to try and resolve situations that are no longer happening. This is what gets in the way of us reaching our true potential. Once your mind has been updated and rebooted, your power will be unleashed and you will be able to perform at your best, with greater clarity, focus, optimism and energy!!

At the Inspired Performance Institute, we take a holistic, comprehensive approach to helping athletes reach peak performance, in mind, body and spirit. In addition to the Online Athletic Program, we offer additional services such as hyperbaric oxygen treatment, nutritional counseling, and collaborative care with our partner affiliates to help our athletes gain the competitive edge and perform at their best!!


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