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The Inspired Performance Institute’s Health Program is designed to help update your mind to help improve your mental and physical health. 

Glitches and “error messages” in our mind create chronic inflammation and disease in our bodies, making us more prone to chronic illnesses and depression. Inflammation interrupts the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

When we are in distress, the body’s central nervous system responds to the perceived threat by signaling an “emergency response” which prepares our bodies for “fight or flight.” Chemicals such as cortisol are released into our blood stream and glucose is released for extra fuel. This emergency response is perfectly designed for short-term use, however, for many of us, the threat stays active and present in our subconscious, and our emergency response system gets stuck in the “On” position. Our bodies were not designed to use the emergency response system as a full-time operating system. Prolonged use of this system results in imbalances and chronic inflammation ensues.

By clearing away the glitches in our subconscious that keep our bodies stuck in fight or flight, peace is restored in our minds and bodies. Without a threat to defend against, the body feels safe to return to performing daily maintenance and repair. Just like when we cut our finger and it heals on its own, we believe our bodies were designed to heal themselves in more profound ways also. The problem is that chronic inflammation prevents takes our systems off-line. With balance restored, healing naturally occurs.

The Inspired Performance Institute’s Health Program is perfect for anyone suffering from autoimmune issues, such as Crohn’s disease, lupus, fibromyalgia, thyroid imbalances, chronic pain, high blood pressure, MS, and cancer. While the Health program is not a substitute for medical treatment, it is our belief that completing the Health program will facilitate healing and make other treatments more effective, and in many cases, no longer needed, once balance is restored.

The Health program is also also recommended for those who are struggling to maintain a healthy weight. The program helps clear the underlying causes of imbalanced eating. The problem comes when we use food as a means to help ourselves “feel better” in response to some perceived threat (which may come from our subconscious about something from the past). When the threat is cleared and balance is restored, our minds stop getting the message to eat when we are not really hungry,  because we are already at peace and no longer need to “feel better.” In addition to the Health program, the Inspired Performance Institute offers nutritional support, and even customized, prepared meals as means of further reducing inflammation in the body by limiting toxins and maximizing nutrients. Program participants will receive ongoing support through our website membership, where they will receive additional tips, recipes, and inspiration. A healthy body is a happy body…and the key to optimal performance!!


Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression are epidemics of our times. Panic Attacks are the number one reason people go to the emergency room and cost our country billions of dollars each year. And there are few effective treatments. After our body has spent an extended period of time stuck in “Emergency Response” mode, unable to extinguish the perceived threat, our bodies shut down and depression follows.  Depression is our body’s response to not being able to fight or flee. The helplessness leads us to a “freeze” response. Like a deer in the headlights, we may shut down, but the tension continues to exist in our bodies, over time leading to inflammation, and in turn, depression.


The Inspired Performance Institute’s Health Program helps restore balance to the mind, by updating and cleaning glitches and “error messages” that have it stuck in emergency response. When our normal operating systems come back online, chemical balances are restored,  Anxiety decreases and mood improves.


The Alpha Performance Band is our revolutionary and innovative technology designed to monitor biomarkers that CAN DETECT THE START OF A PANIC ATTACK ONE HOUR BEFORE  YOU FEEL THE FIRST SYMPTOMS.  With advanced warning from our Alpha Performance Band, which vibrates when symptoms are detected, you are able to then use the protocol learned in the Health Program to return to balance before a full-blown panic attack ever happens. Participants have experienced amazing results, many reducing or eliminating their need for psychotropic medications.


The Health program has been very effective in treating those suffering from PTSD. We have worked with many veterans who have experienced horrific traumas, who reported significant and “life-changing” results in just one four-hour session. We have extended our veteran’s program and are working collaboratively with other veteran-service-based organizations to help get our veterans the help they need to feel better and perform at their best.


The Inspired Performance Institute has also successfully worked with several amazing individuals through The Innocence Project. These individuals were all falsely convicted and incarcerated, some for over twenty-five years, for crimes they did not commit. Through The Innocence Project, these individuals convictions were overturned and they were released, but continue to suffer trauma for all they have endured. The Inspired Performance Institute’s Dr. Don Wood and Dr. Leslie Hamilton will be speaking at the Innocence Project’s annual conference in March of 2018 in Tennessee, and are honored to help bring healing to those brave individuals who have suffered so greatly and unjustly.


Inspired Performance Testimonial: Sunny Pringle


If you are looking to improve your health, facilitate healing, lose weight, reduce anxiety, panic attacks or depression, then the Health Program is for you. Let’s start healing!!


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