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Depression & Anxiety Panic Attacks & Burn Out Stress & Addiction Effects From Trauma


With our Patented 30-day program

Other solutions just teach you to live, manage, and cope with your challenges. We help you eliminate them and live a better life.

“Going through TIPP program with Dr. Wood was amazing. I’m calmer, the ideas seem to flow easier, everyday life seems to be a little smoother. Anxiety that I had is just gone. I can’t recommend this enough, it’s an amazing experience.”

❝ Prince Fielder, Retired MLB Player 6X All Star

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Are you tired of being stressed, depressed, and feeling broken?

Do you feel stressed out, anxious, or have panic attacks?

Maybe you struggle with addiction or overcoming trauma in your life?

Or, maybe you’re an executive or athlete who wants to reach the next level, but you’re just not getting there?

Here’s the truth for everyone, including you:

There’s nothing wrong with you.

Trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction have a sneaky way of controlling our lives, bringing pain to us – and everyone around us.

The reason you’re experiencing all of this pain is because your mind has developed glitches and error messages in how it stores information about your past. Your mind is mistaken, thinking it needs to keep you in this loop so you survive, so you’re safe.

But your mind is seeing memory in real-time, activating your nervous system.

Many people share these struggles.

Even healthy, high-functioning individuals have glitches from their pasts, and once reprocessed, their performance improves to a whole new level and they can live life up to their full potential.
Once we update and refresh your mind using the TIPP program, you will be able to remain present, calm, and focused, and your overall performance naturally improves.

When you complete our patented TIPP program, you will:

There is nothing wrong with you. Your mind just needs a reset so it can finally let go of trauma and glitches.

With TIPP you can finally
find peace

Resolve Trauma

Eliminate PTSD

Eliminate Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Defeat Addiction

Conquer Depression

Unlock Higher Performance

Your path to a life of calm, joy, and purpose is just a click away.

Here’s how it works:

1. Join TIPP

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2. Enjoy Your Transformative Training

Complete one 4-hour training and get instant relief. After that, you’ll follow daily, 8-minute audio exercises for 30 days to recode your brain and create change that lasts.

3. Get you Life

Get back in the driver’s seat and finally live the life you know you deserve



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We care about you

There's nothing wrong with you. You're not broken, you simply have a glitch in the way your mind works - and we can reset it in just 30 days.

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If after completing our TIPP Digital program you don’t feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. If our patented method doesn’t give you a boost in your confidence and a reduction in your stress & anxiety like it has for 1,000’s of our customers. And if our neuroscience-backed exercises don’t leave you feeling like your brain is running on a whole new ‘stress-free’ operating system, then we’ll give you your money back. Just email us at [email protected] for a fast refund. 

Reboot Your Mind. Live Your Best Life.

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The Mind Behind TIPP Program

Don Wood, a PhD in clinical counseling, author and the founder of Inspired Performance Institute, helps people resolve their trauma and get their lives to a place of high performance. 

He has helped 1000’s of people live a better life and overcome the effects of stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction with his neuroscience-backed program, TIPP.