We Are Helping People To Perform At Their Highest Level Using Cutting-Edge Neuroscience!

Since 2015, the Inspired Performance Institute has worked to create innovative strategies to help people heal from the limiting effects of trauma, so they can feel and perform at their best. The result has been the development of a revolutionary approach to performance improvement referred to as TIPP (The Inspired Performance Program).

TIPP is based on the idea that our minds have developed some glitches and error messages in the ways they store information about events from our past. And we all have these glitches!

Even high-functioning individuals, like executives and professional athletes, have glitches from their pasts, and once reprocessed, their performance improves to a whole new level. Once the mind is updated and refreshed using the Inspired Performance Institute’s NEURO technique, a part of TIPP, individuals are able to remain present, calm and focused, and their performance naturally improves. After we reset the mind with TIPP, we restore the body with our NOWW program.

There Is Nothing "Wrong" With You. We Just Need To "Reset" Your System

Unresolved trauma or disturbing events and experiences from your past may be interfering with your ability to function at your highest level. These experiences may limit your ability to regulate your mood, focus, or connect with others in a healthy, loving and safe way…

A chronically dysregulated and imbalanced nervous system can lead to anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, addictions, or even chronic illnesses such as auto-immune disorders, thyroid problems, cardiac and gastrointestinal diseases, and even, cancer. TIPP, TIPP KIDS, and the NOWW program are designed to help reset the mind and restore the body to optimal states of health, performance, and wellness.

The Mind Behind TIPP Program

Don Wood, a PhD in clinical counseling, author and the founder of Inspired Performance Institute, helps people reframe their trauma and get their lives to a place of high performance.

After spending years researching how trauma affects our minds and our lives, Dr. Wood found that events and experiences throughout our lifetime continue to play a role in how we experience life in the present.

Tim Dramatically Improves His Athletic Performance After Going Through Our TIPP Program

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