The Power of Small Changes and Measurement

power of change

In our quest for personal growth and happiness, we often overlook the power of small changes. We tend to believe that significant transformation requires grand gestures or drastic measures. However, research and real-life examples show that it’s the accumulation of small changes that lead to lasting and meaningful results. Making multiple small changes can train … Read more

How To Be Happier: 12 Steps To a Happier, Self-Loving You

Most people are struggling with the concept of happiness. From defining what it is that makes them happy, to understanding how to obtain it, happiness often seems like an elusive state to many.  That means that the majority of people go through life feeling like they’re missing out, like there’s more to their existence. Often … Read more

The Power And Simplicity of Performance Measurement

The things you measure have a funny way of improving. It almost looks like magic. Measuring those things in your life that matter is a powerful way of emphasizing and improving them. For example, it’s hard to know if your diet is working if you don’t check the scale regularly. Are you getting stronger in the gym? … Read more