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Not a problem! When you go to log in HERE click on the “Forgot Password” text and follow the instructions to get access to your account.

Many members tell us they experience immediate improvements and that additional benefits come that they never expected over time. For instance, someone coming on board for panic disorder might also give up prescription meds, or a high performance athlete may also experience a stronger, healthier relationship as his nerves go away and his ability to remain calm in difficult circumstances makes him easier to be with. You should expect rapid results.

You get access for 90 days from the day you purchase the program. If you want to extend your access to the audio portion of the program you will have the option to subscribe monthly to continue listening to the audios. You will receive a notification upon expiration and offer to subscribe.

Although this will vary, the program is designed to be completed without interruption and should take roughly 4 hours. The 28 day brain training audios will follow with one per day.

It is highly recommended for maximum efficiency, the program be completed in one block of continuous time, then begin the brain training audios for the next 30 days

If you miss a day or two just start back up and try not to do that too many times. If you miss more than a few days after you start, we recommend that you go back and start over. Too much time between audios and/or extending out too far beyond 28 days just takes away from the experience a little bit.

It would be irresponsible for any therapeutic organization to make “guarantees” because every human being is different and there are too many variables beyond the control of the therapist and the patient. Having said that, we invite you to visit Our Testimonials Page and watch some of our clients talk about our programs and the impact they have had on their lives.

What we will guarantee is an excellent customer service experience, top notch technical support and a loving and supportive community of clients and members who always have your well being and best interests at heart. We continue to grow based on the recommendations of our deeply satisfied clients.

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