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Resolve PTSD Once and For All

Are you tired of flashbacks, night sweats, anxiety, and depression?

As if the trauma you went through isn’t enough, you’re also left dealing with feelings of disconnection, loneliness, and a loss of motivation. PTSD is affecting you and everyone around you, making you feel alone and isolated, even from your closest ones.

When you suffer from PTSD, your struggle can manifest as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, flashbacks, and an overwhelming sense of despair. Articulating and understanding these emotions can be a challenging and overwhelming task. No person should be suffering like that.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to seek help only to discover that the available solutions merely teach you how to manage, endure, and cope with these symptoms. 

But there is a better way. 

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There’s Nothing Wrong With You. There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Mind.

Your mind is experiencing a glitch, an error message. And it can be rebooted.

Your brain is a perfect machine. It’s designed to protect you.

When we experience something disturbing or traumatic our senses are heightened which causes us to record the event in high definition.

When something activates this memory, your Central Nervous System gets activated. This activation produces an emotion which is a prompt for action.

Your mind wants you to do something about the danger. It wants to protect you.

Trauma Loop

However, no action is required, because the danger isn’t there: it’s an old memory that tricked your mind into thinking you’re in danger NOW.

It’s just a glitch, an error message.

When your mind continually concentrates on these errors, it forms a repetitive cycle, called trauma loop, continually returning to the trauma and trying to fix it in real time.

With the TIPP program, we can reboot the mind so it reprocesses the data and resolves the trauma. Through our program, your mind will finally understand that the danger is long gone. You’re safe now. 

The TIPP Program is Unlike Any Other Solution You Have Tried.

If you’re dealing with PTSD, trauma, anxiety, addiction, or stress, you probably tried many solutions so far. Almost all of our clients say the exact same thing: 

I tried everything. Nothing works.”

Here’s why: other solutions just teach you to live, manage, and cope with your challenges. 

We show you how to eliminate them and live a better life.

Our program is not therapy, nor hypnosis.

TIPP Program is based on cutting-edge neuroscience techniques that teach you how to harness the power of your Alpha and Theta brain waves so you can eliminate inner trauma and finally live the life you want.

Alpha brain waves are prominent during states of relaxation and focused attention.

When alpha brain waves are prominent, your mind is clear of unwanted thoughts and intently focused. You’re relaxed and feel positive. 

If a thought or sensation arises that activates your subconscious mind, the brain will shift to a higher brainwave state, such as beta, resulting in increased mental activity. 

In beta, we’re more alert, thoughts are racing, we’re highly engaged and attentive. 

The Alpha brain waves tend to diminish or disappear, and these higher frequency oscillations begin running the show.

Beta is a normal waking state and is dominant in highly active situations. However, too much Beta brain wave time causes us to feel stressed out, anxious, and can activate panic attacks.

When someone experiences a traumatic or disturbing event, the event is recorded and stored in memory. Traumatic memory is stored in a high beta brain wave state and continues to stay in an active loop. The mind develops a pattern of hyper vigilance.

This trauma loop interferes with your ability to stay present and in the moment.

Unresolved traumatic experiences from your lifetime are preventing you from being in the Alpha and Theta brain states. Through the TIPP program, we’ll reprocess old trauma, clear it, and then teach you how to be in the present moment. 

Once you master how to resolve trauma and spend your time in Alpha and Theta, you will get your life back.

With the TIPP program, you’ll quickly pinpoint, address, and clear the inner trauma stuck in the subconscious mind that’s causing you all this pain. 

This is a quick, effective, revolutionary, holistic and cutting-edge approach to healing unresolved trauma and creating positive behavioral change. 

This is the program that WORKS, even if nothing else has.


A 4-hour TIPP session with Dr. Don Wood

During the 4-hour session, you’ll go through a four-step trauma clearing process that will allow you to use the power of your Alpha/Theta brain waves to enhance clarity, improve peace, reduce or eliminate the effects of traumatic or disturbing events resulting in improved health, wellbeing and performance. In short, it will reboot your mind and provide an instant relief. 

TIPP Audios

After you complete your TIPP session, you’ll go through 30 days of TIPP Audios: daily, 8-minute audio exercises specifically designed to reinforce effects of the TIPP session, change old thinking patterns and bring peace and clarity. We’ve helped thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, veterans, athletes, everyday people, and even KIDS who’ve eliminated stress, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, and past traumas. We can help you, too.

Your path to a life of calm, joy, and purpose is just a click away.

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