Are You Out Of Your Mind?

I get it. It feels that way for me sometimes too, but our founder, Dr. Don Wood PH.D. has based our entire program on the notion that you are NOT out of your mind. There is nothing wrong with you

Like many people you likely have things that you struggle with regularly. Some people are paralyzed by trauma and others simply feel like they could be doing “more”.

We have developed a program using the most recent advancements in neuroscience that will clear the blocks and conflicts and get your mind centered and balanced. When you mind is clear it will no longer use the old resources to produce thoughts. Thoughts become clearer and beneficial. In addition to the clearing, we then set the mind up to use your best resources, successes, and lifetime highlights

Dr. Wood’s book will take you deep into the science and the powerful stories behind the development of the program and how the mind works

If you feel that being centered, present and in the moment would be helpful then our program is worth a look. If you want to know more about this fascinating man and the stories and science behind this life-changing program, grab your copy of “You Must Be Out Of Your Mind” today

Things Successful People Don’t Do…

At a presentation at the Interbusiness seminar in Curitiba, Brazil titled “Successful People Don’t…” Accredited counselor and entrepreneur Dr. Don Wood, shared his collection of ten suggestions that help business leaders, athletes, students, and others how to be successful by eliminating certain limiting behaviors.

From that talk Dr. Wood was inspired to write “Emotional Concussions”

You have your own definition of success. We all do. Maybe you want to have a lot of money (I’m pretty sure that’s on everyone’s list:). Perhaps your thing is fame and fortune, to win a competition or to become the greatest leader in the world. No problem.

Success is a state of mind

Your subconscious mind is in constant pursuit of survival, and any attempt to find access through material means is an illusion. However success is neither undefinable nor immeasurable

Part research, part stories, and part practical techniques developed by the Inspired Performance Institute and built into the Inspired Performance Program (TIPP), Dr. Wood’s new book “Emotional Concussions”, reveals what to do, what not to do, and how you can grow critical skills to become more successful.

The Introduction invites you to define success in your terms by answering questions like, “What is your definition of success?” and “Why is success important to you?”

Defining success is a matter of perspective, and that includes understanding what glitches, and error messages impede you on the way to success and the best ways to infuse the highlights of your life into your day to day performance, particularly those that lead you to achieve success. Once you have that it’s consistency and practice.

If successful is on your list of things to be, this book is for you!