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As a high performing leader or entrepreneur, you’re likely facing a unique set of challenges.

And whatever emotional pain you’re feeling from that is probably making your life hell.

You want to perform your best because you have people counting on you.

But that’s part of the problem isn’t it?

Even when you’re performing at your best for them, you still can’t shake this feeling of anxiety, stress, and lack of fulfillment or untapped potential.

Which in turn leads to frustration and guilt.

And then the stress, anxiety, guilt, and shame all lead to feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

The thoughts and rumination cause sleepless nights.

Relationships might start to feel unfulfilling and transactional.

And all of this is keeping you from being present and showing up for the ones you love in a big way.

Which leads to more guilt.

It’s also keeping you from reaching your true potential…

Reaching whatever’s on the other side of that invisible wall you just keep banging your head against.

But because you’re a high functioning, high performing human being, you can’t show it to those around you.

It feels like you’re harboring a dark secret.

Worried that if you don’t hide it from your colleagues, family and friends they’re not going to trust you anymore.

You can’t just go to your VP or business partner and say, “I’m having panic attacks.”

Because maybe they’ll think “wow, they’ve lost it”.

Your friends & colleagues won’t understand.

Because on the outside, you have your life together.

On paper, you’re living their dream.

And your family is counting on you in a big way.

You don’t want to burden them with your problems.

So the pressure builds and it’s just tremendous.

Which makes you feel like you need to walk the journey alone.

What IF Everything You’re Experiencing Is Just an Error Message? A Glitch in the System?

Think of your brain as the computer and your mind as the software.

Your mind is constantly running a script – constantly doing google searches on words, experiences, etc…

As your mind runs that script, there’s a series of glitches and error messages causing interference with your brain’s ability to process what’s happening in the present.

This can cause your brain to be in a state of fight or flight when it shouldn’t be.

This can manifest in many ways:


People-pleasing and overcommitting your time which leads to chronic multitasking and never feeling like you have enough hours in the day – ultimately resulting in burnout.

Having unrealistic expectations of yourself and others because you’re constantly striving towards a moving goalpost which leads to destructive self-criticism and having a short fuse.


Feeling fatigued or utter exhaustion. Every day you get home, you’ve been stretched so thin that you barely have the energy or desire to connect with your spouse, kids, or friends.

Loss of self – Am I on the right path? Am I even who I want to be – or am I who I think they want me to be? And despite the car, the house, the bank account, and the pat-on-the-backs when things are going well, you secretly wonder if this is all even worth it?


Feeling stuck. You know you’ve only reached a fraction of your potential and it seems like no matter what you do or what you achieve it’s never enough. You’re on the hamster wheel of life and it just keeps spinning with no end in sight.

Guilt. When you suddenly snap. When you don’t get everything done. When you’ve done your absolute best, but you have to lay someone off or tell a client that you fell short of their goals. And those painful emotions weigh you down – when all you really want is to be present, but you’re still beating yourself up over a recent failure.


Addiction – You have people depending on you every single day at home or at work and you’re under so much pressure that you have to lean on alcohol, prescription drugs, or emotional eating just to hold it all together

If ANY of that resonates with you, I’m here to tell you:



And it doesn’t have to be like this.

Most people don’t realize they have some insidious subtle trauma or disturbing event from childhood lurking in the background.

Because it wasn’t violent or abusive in nature, they don’t actively recall it and don’t get help.

When in reality there was so much.

So you can be high performing.

You can be worth millions.

You can be an olympic athlete.

But still be holding yourself back because you’re not looking at the shadow trauma.

Even parents can unknowingly create ‘small t’ trauma.

We refer to them as emotional concussions.

And they can be activate by something as small as the words someone uses.

These triggers manifest as post-traumatic stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc..

What happens is that the memory keeps looping in your subconscious.

And since your subconscious operates in real time.

It’s fully present.

And it’s confusing the past memory with something that’s happening right now.

So the mind keeps calling for an action to solve it.

But what can you do about something that happened in the past?


And that’s the glitch.

Old memories get stuck looping which activates your fight or flight and leads to physical & mental health problems.

We’ve helped thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, veterans, athletes, everyday people, and even KIDS who’ve eliminated stress, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, and past traumas.

And They Did It By Using Our Patented & Completely Counterintuitive Program Called the TIPP Method.

Just Like Joel, Who Completed the TIPP Method Program & Cleared Self-doubt Allowing Him to Grow His Business, Open Multiple Locations, In Multiple Countries and Triple his Revenue in Less than 2 Months

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Green Beret Scott Mann Who Said He’s Been Through Every Protocol Out There And Nothing Has Come Close to Giving Him the Results He Experienced With the TIPP Method

This Is Michelle, Another TIPP Method Graduate, Who Overcame 17 Years of Addiction and Not Only Rebuilt Her Relationship With Herself, but Her Family & Friends Too

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Meet Marko, An Olympic Runner, Who Became a Double Amputee After Completing the TIPP Method he Went On to Become a World Record Holder at the Boston Marathon and Even Got Signed By Nike.

There’s Thousands More Just Like Them Who’ve Used the TIPP Method To Turn Stressful Life Events into High Performance Fuel

So What is the TIPP Method?

The TIPP method is a counterintuitive approach to clearing past events
and traumas (no matter how big or small) and rewiring your brain for
performance instead of worry.

So that you can:

Operate at a level that allows you to achieve in 20 hours, what most professionals struggle to execute working 12 hour days, 7 days a week.

Confidently make decisions and not get stuck in perfection.

Free up time and energy to truly be present for your spouse, kids, or friends when they need you instead of half listening while you dwell on work.

Eliminate addiction and bad habits. Whether it’s alcohol, shopping, porn, prescription medication, gambling, or anything else that gets used to fill that void.

Clear any doubts you have and focus on the project or client at hand without worrying about the outcome or timeline.

Open up your full capacity for empathy and mindfulness so that you can effectively lead at work and at home.

Other Solutions Just Teach You to Live, Manage, and Cope With Anxiety, Depression, & Burnout. We Show You How to Eliminate & Replace It.

Before I created the TIPP Method both my wife & daughter struggled with mental and physical health issues for years.

My wife came from an abusive home which put her in such a high alert state that even just a simple phrase would trigger her fight or flight response.

Anytime something would go wrong, her nervous system would be totally dysregulated because her mind was constantly thinking about past threats.

Even telling her something simple like “I don’t like this” – would cause her to think I was mad at her.

And it had me thinking; Why is she constantly reacting in fear?

I’m not like her father. I’m not yelling. I don’t do what he does.
But she was still living in this fear.

The trauma was looping for her.

It was continuing to loop through her mind, creating this constant fight or flight, sympathetic nervous system responses to everything.

Causing her to always be on high alert.

The constant stress caused her to overproduce cortisol – leading her to develop an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s disease.

And then at the age of 14 my daughter developed Crohn’s disease.

The doctors told us to change her diet, remove gluten, eliminate dairy, etc..

And through all of the conventional wisdom she never got better.

It got to the point that they had to go in and literally cut out pieces of her intestinal tract.

She also developed another autoimmune issue called idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis, where the lungs just bleed.

It’s a rare condition where she could literally choke to death on her own blood.

The doctors told us she’d be living with this disease for the rest of her life.

Needless to say, this isn’t an answer we were willing to accept.

But between the doctors and my wife doing a bunch of research – we had tried everything.

And nothing was working.

For a while we felt totally helpless.

Then when she was 16 she told us about some trauma, some abuse that had happened to her when she was between the ages of 6 and 8 from another girl in the neighborhood.

Which is something we had no clue about.

At the time, I recalled learning that there’s a connection to trauma and inflammation which is linked to autoimmune disorders.

And that was my Aha moment.

If all of the things like removing dairy and gluten weren’t working – could it be a response to the trauma?

That was my hunch.

So I went back to school, got my PhD in clinical counseling and psychology and started researching.

And that’s when I really started understanding what was going on for both my wife and daughter:

A chronically dysregulated and imbalanced nervous system can lead to anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, addictions, or even chronic illnesses such as auto-immune disorders, thyroid problems, cardiac and gastrointestinal diseases, and even cancer.

Consistent activation of your fight or flight response causes inflammation which is the body’s response to trauma threats.

Inflammation compromises the immune system and neurotransmitters by activating a cell danger response that affects physical and mental health.

After the threat passes, your body is supposed to go back to normal.

But for my daughter, the trauma kept looping.

So the inflammation stayed active – because in her mind the danger hadn’t passed.

And so her cell danger response showed up in her lower intestinal area. That was the Crohn’s.

As I continued my research I was studying a lot of the other modalities.

The problem was that most of them are just teaching people to live, manage and cope with trauma.

That’s what my wife and daughter have been trying to do for years.

And it doesn’t work.

So I was determined to fix it.

One of the things I discovered was that:

Traumatic or Disturbing Events Get Recorded in High Definition

When we experience something disturbing or traumatic our senses are heightened which causes us to record the event in high definition.

So when a current situation is perceived as a threat our mind is accessing these high definition memories in real time.

And it can’t tell the difference between the memory and what’s happening right now.

That engages our fight or flight response which is the error message, the glitch, that’s being sent to our brain.

So that led to the questions:

How can we clear the error message? How do we tell the brain everything is okay?

And can we replace it with a response that leads to higher levels of performance?

After several years of trial-and-error, testing everything and figuring things out, we’ve found a way to take stressful life events and reprocess them into a low resolution version.

This makes it so that your mind doesn’t confuse what’s happening NOW with what’s happened in the past.

Opening you up to accessing 100% of your energy to focus on the present situation.

And I’m happy to say that my daughter hasn’t had a single crohn’s flare up since completing this program.

The program that has gone on to help thousands of people just like you overcome past trauma and disturbing events – updating their minds operating system to achieve peak performance.

Here’s how the TIPP Method Takes Stressful Life Events and Turns Them Into High Performance Fuel To Help You Achieve FULL Presence & Greatness

Old Way


The TIPP Method Has Gone On To Help Countless Other People Just Like YOU.

Like Kirk Who Suffered From Panic Attacks & Anxiety Before He Got Rid of Them For Good After Doing the TIPP Method

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And Brad Warner Who Suffered From PTSD & Night Terrors Which Affected His Relationship With His Wife & Kids Until He Went Through the TIPP Method

Meet Rebekah – A Survivor of the Boston Marathon Bombing – She Tried Therapy & Medication But Nothing Worked Until She Tried the TIPP Method.

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Are You Ready to Unlock 100% of Your Energy so that You Can Be Fully Present And Reach Your Highest Potential?

First Let’s Address the Elephant in the Room

My guess is that the words “This is too good to be true” entered your mind while reading this page.


You have every right to be skeptical.

After all, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Which is why I purposely left out the best part of this program till the very end.

It ONLY takes 4 hours.

If I told you any sooner you might not continue reading – making it impossible for you to reap the benefits of this life changing program.

You’ll still need to complete 30 days of short 8 minute audio trainings to make everything stick – so your total time invested will be a bit over 4 hours.

But that’s what makes this the perfect program for high performing humans like you.

You don’t have the luxury of time.

Even squeezing in an extra 8 focused minutes into your day probably sounds daunting.

But once you’ve completed the program you’ll have the confidence and clarity to achieve in 20 hours what most professionals struggle to accomplish working 12 hour days, 7 days a week.

And getting back that time is priceless – so that you can focus your time and energy on being present with the people who matter the most to you and unlock a level of performance that only the 1%ers of the world will ever achieve.

And we know that you’ve probably tried it all before.

The podcasts, the books, the workshops, seminars, the coaches and the therapists.

And every time you’ve felt let down by the BIG promises and small results.

That’s why:

1. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee (which has a 0% refund rate). If you go through the TIPP method and do the 30 days of audio and don’t feel like it worked as explained, we don’t want to keep your money and we’ll promptly give you a refund.

2. You can not purchase this program from this page. Instead we want to hop on a quick 15 minute call and answer any questions you have. Show you that we’re real people. And make sure there’s nothing going in your life that would prevent you from getting the full benefits from the TIPP Method. No sales pitch. No pressure.

We are a tight-knit small business and as such we don’t have any kind of call center or large base of employees who can answer the phone.

This allows us to ensure that everyone who goes through the TIPP Method has the same experience and gives us complete control over the quality of conversation.

The downside to that is that time slots are limited and book fast, so if you’re interested, click the button below and select a time that’s right for you.

The Mind Behind TIPP Program

Don Wood, a PhD in clinical counseling, author and the founder of Inspired Performance Institute, helps people reframe their trauma and get their lives to a place of high performance.

After spending years researching how trauma affects our minds and our lives, Dr. Wood found that events and experiences throughout our lifetime continue to play a role in how we experience life in the present.