How TIPP Works

When alpha brain waves are prominent, any sensory input will be at a minimum and the mind is clear of unwanted thoughts and intently focused. This is what we know as being PRESENT.

If a thought comes to mind that isn’t congruent with the present situation, then the brain will shift to the higher brain wave state called Beta which requires the handling of many more functions. The alpha brain waves tend to diminish or disappear, and higher frequency oscillations begin running the show.

Beta Waves

Beta is a normal waking state and is dominant in highly active situations. However, too much beta brain wave time is typical when someone is anxious or stressed. Thoughts began to race, increasing the beta state. Trauma creates a stuck thought pattern, creating a beta loop that stays active. This loop creates a hyper vigilant state.

When someone experiences a traumatic or disturbing event, the event is recorded and stored in memory. Traumatic memory is stored in a high beta brain wave state and continues to stay in an active loop. The mind develops a pattern of hyper vigilance. This loop interferes with the ability to stay present and in the moment.

Reboot Your Brain

The TIPP process in essence “REBOOTs” the brain’s stuck thought pattern, making it possible to enhance alpha oscillations with a noninvasive and effective shift in brain wave activity. TIPP updates, reboots, refreshes and adjusts the patterns. TIPP has been very effective helping people deal with anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, addiction and depression.

During the TIPP session the individual will develop an understanding of the science behind how their mind works. During this time alpha brain waves become prominent allowing the mind to begin reprocessing 2 or 3 traumatic or disturbing events in a safe and gentle manner. The memory of the event is reprocessed from high beta to alpha. This brings a sense of peace and calm and resolves the trauma loop.

4 Hour Session

The advantage to the Inspired Performance Institute’s TIPP is, there is no reliance on any device or medication, and the results are fast and effective. This is accomplished in a 4-hour session accompanied by a 30-day audio brain entrainment program. Our experience demonstrates a link between alpha brain waves and relaxed mental states.

TIPP Method

TIPP is a cutting-edge program inspired and developed through the newest developments in neuroscience and designed to clear away the effects of disturbing or traumatic events, re-purpose old patterns and set the individual’s mind up for peak performance.

The beginning of the four session starts with our Founder, Dr. Don Wood, explaining, “There’s nothing wrong with your mind, your mind works perfectly fine. Your mind has been affected by some events and experiences creating a loop of hyper vigilance and that has been affecting your ability to stay present. Your mind operates like a computer, all you need is a REBOOT.” And there it is!