Mindfulness Meditation For Focus – 14 Simple Affirmations

Getting focused does not have to be complicated or take a long time.  Here are some powerful mindfulness exercises, AKA affirmations to help you regain your focus and clarity in minutes


  1. My mind is clear and calm. I am focused on my priorities.
  2. I live in the present moment. I observe what is going on inside and around me. I concentrate on what is happening now. I let go of past regrets and trying to predict tomorrow. I give my full attention to one thing at a time.
  3. I work and play more efficiently and achieve higher quality results.
  4. I become engrossed in savoring my coffee or writing a memo.
  5. I write bright ideas and nagging thoughts down, so I can return to them later when my current project is done.
  6. I limit distractions. I turn off my phone during meetings and meals.
  7. I spend less time watching TV and browsing online and more time hanging out with family and friends.
  8. I take short and frequent breaks. In between tasks, I take a quick walk or stretch at my desk.
  9. I return to my work feeling refreshed.
  10. I care for my body and mind. Adequate sleep, nutritious food, and regular exercise keeps me in top condition. I believe in the mind body connection
  11. I meditate and pray. Spiritual activities clarify my purpose.
  12. I gain insights into where to focus my attention if I want to lead a meaningful life.
  13. I connect with friends who share my goals and encourage me along the path.
  14. Today, I practice managing my attention. Developing my powers of concentration reduces stress and makes me more successful at whatever I do.


Having a conscious mind and a sense of self awareness are often challenging states to attain, but if you commit to some form of mindfulness meditation, you can make strides to incredible mind body balance and laser focus.

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